Coke Bottle Green With Black Splatter - As Voted By Fans!
Includes Limited A3 Poster Insert Limited To 600 Copies Worldwide

Release Date: August 20th / End Of August 2021

Side A

1. Year Of The Rat (Feat. Jacob Charlton)
2. Babylon (Feat. Bobak Rafiee)
3. If Only (Feat. Lucas Woodland)
4. Slave To The Name (Feat. Jamie Hails)
5. Adrenaline (Jon Deiley Remix)

Side B
1. Hole In Me (Feat. Kenta Koie)
2. Kerosene Dream (Feat. Garrett Russell)
3. Decay (Feat. Ecca Vandal)
4. Splinter (Feat. Kadeem France)
5. Hyperdaze (Up Late Remix)