Release Date: 7th August 2020

Limited Edition MARBLE variant, made using 100% recycled vinyl granulate. The product colour will vary and be unique to each copy, no two discs will be the same.

The granulate used to make these records is made on a calcium sink base which is the most eco-friendly in today’s market.

The vinyl packaging was manufactured using recycled materials and its carbon footprint offset upon completion.

PLEASE NOTE: the product has been intentionally left unsealed to further reduce the amount of plastic produced in the making of this record.

In line with their commitment to serve the environment, In Hearts Wake vow to plant one tree for every unit sold.

Side A.

  1. Crisis
  2. Worldwide Suicide
  3. Hellbringer (Feat. Jamie Hails)
  4. Moving On
  5. Timebomb
  6. Son Of A Witch
  7. Crossroads (Feat. Georgia Flood)

Side B.

  1. Husk 
  2. Nāgá 
  3. Force Of Life
  4. Iron Dice (Feat. Randy Reimann)
  5. Dystopia
  6. 2033